Clyde Butcher first visited Florida several decades ago.  Enchanted by its singular beauty, he stayed and began taking pictures, offering them for sale on the Florida art show circuit.  His reputation grew quickly. Butcher is known mostly for his large black and white images of the Everglades, where he made his home for many years and where he still has a gallery. But his portfolio includes unique and stunning images made in many other areas of the state and across the US.

This week I reacquainted myself with Butcher’s work and found myself inspired – inspired to make more black and white images, inspired to plan a week exploring the Everglades, and inspired to drive out to the end of our own Ozello Road, where the Gulf of Mexico meets salt marsh, in search of iconic summer cloud formations.

I do subscribe to the idea that part of one’s purpose in life is to inspire others. But it is just so much fun to be inspired. It is truly one of life’s guilty pleasures.  Thank you, Mr. Butcher (www.clydebutcher.com).


Published by

Kathleen Gill

I am a semi-professional photographer, with the passion of a true amateur, drawn primarily to nature and travel, but open to and intrigued by most everything. In 2014, I began working on a 52-Week Photo Project, posting one photo a week that expressed something about that week – a theme, a story, a feeling. My intent was to add an element of story-telling to my work. That project was successfully completed in September 2015 and is all stored in the archive here. After a several month break, I began a new 12-month project. Each month in 2016 I will present a group of carefully curated images – a sort of thematic portfolio – along with an essay. My intent is to improve my editing skills and, of course, motivate me to keep on shooting. Please follow me and let me know what you think. You can see more of my work on my website: www.kathleengillphotography.com.

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