Monday was our 35th wedding anniversary.  I recently made this image of Sandhill Cranes (who mate for life) and I thought it would align perfectly with my reflections on the past 35 years:

  1. I’ve learned that one can survive being taught golf by your husband.
  2. I’ve learned that women share and men fix, metaphorically speaking. Don’t share unless you are willing to let him tell you how to fix it.  Actually, I still haven’t mastered that one.
  3. I’ve learned that “I can change” means “You’ll get used to it”.
  4. You do get used to it.
  5. I’ve learned that I am “high-maintenance” – something my family never got around to telling me.
  6. I’ve learned that child-rearing represents just a phase of your married life, even though it seems like your entire life while it’s in progress.
  7. I’ve learned that occasionally spending time apart is a bit like pruning your shrubs – it encourages healthy growth.
  8. I’ve learned that the things that you believe are so important in the beginning are relatively unimportant years later, and vice versa.
  9. I’ve learned that you can feel safe and happy with someone without talking or even being in the same room for hours on end.
  10. I’ve learned that having someone to scratch your head, warm up your coffee and serenade you with “On the Street Where You Live” is worth more than a lifetime of Valentine’s Day dinners out.