For the most part, flowers strike me as happily receptive.  They are open to the universe and ready to meet the day regardless of what it brings.  I do get that carpe diem is advice that most of us need from time to time.  But you have to admit that it is a stressful and aggressive way to exist.  “Seize” is not a relaxing word.

What about simply meeting the day, being completely receptive to it?  “Meet the day” has more appeal to me.  It’s so Zen, so without stress or expectations, so natural.  And so full of the potential for pleasant surprise.  One can simply sit quietly, without pretense or plan, and either deal with or delightedly soak in whatever happens.

I suspect this means I’m approaching retirement or at least a career change.



When you have tritanomaly, blue often looks green.  You observe enough raised eyebrows and you lose confidence in your ability to tell the difference.  You begin consulting a non-afflicted expert when the difference matters, like picking out shoes to match your shirt.    But if you see blue and I see green, who is correct?  Well, since only one in 10,000 of us is a tritanope, correctness always resides with the majority – the non-afflicted.

Does it matter what we label colors?  I don’t think so, generally.  But on this one day of the year, if you are of Irish descent, getting it right matters.